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Mary Chestnut Research; First Document Planned to Use

Finding a topic to research at the beginning was one of the most indesisive moments in my young career. What topic would help me capture the Civil War’s impact socially on the south, when the material is so broad and at times controversial? That’s when I discovered Mary Chestnut, and her lovely and detailed accounts of life in the South during the Civil War, named ” A Diary From Dixie.” This was exactly the story, and the storyteller I was hoping to build a thesis about. Therefore, the first book I intend on reading is her diary, itself.  Therefore, I will be able to bring up facts and arguments about life in the South during the war, and base it off a primary source, as well as describe life through a woman’s point of view, when the North has been uprising against injustice and inequality, and women in the South still remain subordinate to men. This book will help me poke at and truly question appropriately ” southern chivalry” and ” southern pride” during the war, and if the Southerners ever felt as if they  had been morally corrupt in practicing slavery. Mary Chestnut’s empowering words and personal accounts will help me understand what was expected and ended up happening to women in the south, who were supposed to maintain their households and family together when divisions were common, and the ” calm” and ” lovely” South was being imposed on by an even larger, and more technologically advanced North. The only weakness to these accounts, are if they exaggerate or are too biased.

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