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Mary Chestnut Resource Evaluation #2

This Review Essay written by CBS Journal, is an excellent resource for my research paper. It is written in a simple manner compared to Mary Chestnut’s diary, and has many conclusions that are inferred from all of Mrs. Chestnut’s writings. It quickly goes to states Mary Chestnut’s situation before and during the war, and her complexing and differing views from the rest of the South. It also has important and impactful events of her life in chronological order; and each event that decided one of her decisions, or writings. It states her families’ view on slavery, the Civil War, and abolition, and proves why she had to keep her diary secret for so long. The writing concludes near the end how Mary Chestnut was a very revolutionary character, because she represented the opposite in beliefs of what her parents raised her to be like, and also gives the image of her behavior being a step forward for woman. Also, the journal describes why Mary Chestnut wrote in the style that she did , as partaking the narrator role and telling her story from her own point of view.

This resource will help my research grow more marrow since it really does a great job at comparing private to public life, and how society changed before, during, and after the Civil War. The negatives to this article are that it already seems biased in some words that are states, such as ” intimate relationship”, ” gossiper” and ” high-level humor”. Although the author seems to already have developed an opinion, the journal itself is still relevant and historically accurate.



mary      Skei, Hans J. “Mary Chestnut’s Civil War.” Review Essay. CBS Journal, n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2017

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