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Mary Chestnut : Evaluation #3

This Terrible War” by Michael Feldman, Lesley J. Gordon, and Daniel E. Sutherland, is a book that contains several articles with data and first-hand resources from the Civil War, as well as lots of research on life during and after the disastrous Civil War.


The central idea of this text are life in the North and South during, and especially after the Civil War. Each section is divided into different sections; family life, military life, slavery, women, and many more important topics. Although Mary Chestnut is not directly mentioned in this book, many radical ideas that can be associated with Mary Chestnut are described, as well as the situations of all the people in the war that tore entire households apart. I believe that the emphasis on after is as well important, since my thesis revolves around the idea of historical important, and impact that Mary Chestnut’s radical thinking had on society then, and now.


There are many strengths to this novel, such that it describes BOTH sides of the war, instead of the rest of my documents, which are considerably biased. Also, this book covers various aspects of life, so if I had a question on one topic, it could lead me easily to another that would help enhance my research paper. Overall, as what was stated previously, this book will really help me capture historical importance and impact. The only downsides I can see from here, are that each topic is described in precise detail, but only in a few pages each, therefore the book may not convey as much information as I would need.

MLA : Fellman, Michael, Lesley J. Gordon, and Daniel E. Sutherland. This terrible war: the Civil War and its aftermath. New York: Longman, 2003. Print.

this terrible war


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