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Civil Rights Timeline ( 1960-69)

  1. ( 1960) New Orlean’s School integration- Only a few years after Brown vs Board of Education, one of the most racially segregated towns in the South was challenged to desegragate.
  2. ( 1960) Sit ins in Atlanta, Georgia- These sit ins by young blacks challenged racism in public seatings, and caught attention by the media for the owner’s violent responses.
  3. ( 1961) Freedom Rides – These rides served as a social experiment to begin desegregation nation-wide on transportation, caused extreme controversy and chaos.
  4. ( 1961) Desegregation of Georgia Tech-  This event called for desegregation in higher education communities, allowing equal education in higher standards and levels.
  5. ( 1962) Ole Mis integration- The violence that resulted from the integration of Ole Mis, proved the backwardness of older generations in Mississippi, as well as the difficulty that would result from desegregating.
  6. ( 1963) Birmingham Bombing- The bombing of a majority black church in Birmingham would prove the outrageous violence of the whites and captivate the entire world.
  7. ( 1963) John F. Kennedy’s assassination- The assassination of John F. Kennedy would put at risk the Civil Right’s movement and its impact on the future presidency.
  8. ( 1964) Freedom Summer- African American youth united to assist with registration for voting, which would lead to more power and encouragement for black involvement and citizenship.
  9. ( 1964) New York Race Riots- The beginning of several race riots would lead to media attention, and a larger voice for the black community in a suppressive white world.
  10. Selma- Montgomery March- a peaceful march led by SCLC resulted in violence and cruelty, and would be a huge turning point for the Civil Rights Movement.



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